1.Description of work :

Research work at the department is research work on two grants: 1. The role of vascular abnormalities in the development of CVD.

2. Molecular genetic aspects of epilepsy.

The scientific name of the case: two grants for the research work carried out in the department:

1. СVD the development of the role of the blood vessels of the brain anomalies.

2. Epilepsiyaning molecular-genetic nature.

Themes for the protection of scientific topics:

1.Clinical-neyroimmunological parallelism Of the idiopathic and symptomatic epilepsy.

2.Clinical  neyrovisualisation parallelism mild cognitive impairment by cerebro vascular genesis.

Prepared for the Protection of scientific topics:

1. Cerebral vascular anomalies headache syndrome, a clinical-pathogenetic structure.

2.Ekstrapiramidal hyperkinesis early in the new location and differential treatment in determining the principles of tactics.

3.Farmokorezistent clinical and neurophysiological studies and the development of molecular genetic aspects of epilepsy

3.Altsgeymer disease, early diagnosis and forecasting procedures new technology.

4.Clinical-pathogennic provement of new tecnologist of rebilitation and patient care with stenotic inpairment of main arteries of head.


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