On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, we sincerely congratulate all our dear mothers and sisters! Your Holiness!

Lovely women!

Sincerely I congratulate all of you – our dear and infinitely beloved ones – on a remarkable holiday marking the coming of spring, with the International Women’s Day on March 8!

Thank you for everything you do for your relatives, giving them love and care.

Thank you for the tremendous work without which the existence of the economy and social sphere of our region is unthinkable.

Thanks for the incredible patience, for understanding and warmth.

Thank you for being there!

I would like to wish all the women of the Leningrad Region – our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters – more attention from their relatives, fewer troubles and sorrows.

I wish that the joyful moments that will give Day on March 8 last in time, and words of gratitude and love addressed to you all the year round, regardless of the holidays.

Health to you, good and prosperity!

Be happy!

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