The annual budget for the purchase of medicines will increase to $ 15 million, already now the monthly cost of the new drugs course is $ 10,000, while it needs to be spent six months

TASHKENT, MARCH 5 – Sputnik. Uzbekistan intends to triple the amount of funds allocated for the purchase of medicines to treat cancer patients, the correspondent of Sputnik Uzbekistan.

To date, the state budget annually allocates 5.5 million dollars for the supply of drugs to oncological institutions, which covers 100% of their needs.

“Among all medical areas, most funds are allocated for oncology, I do not say that we are satisfied with this amount of 5.5 million dollars, but it covers 100% of the need for medications for patients .Also, every oncology center is fully provided with other necessary drugs – it’s antibiotics, droppers, vitamins, “- told the Sputnik correspondent the director of the Republican Cancer Research Center Mirzagolib Tillyashayhov.

According to him, today science does not stand still and new medicines are being developed in the world, which are very expensive. So, for example, there are drugs, the monthly cost of which is 10 thousand dollars. And this course should be conducted for six months, then repeated.
Proceeding from this, the interlocutor noted, annual purchases of medicines will gradually increase to 15 million dollars. This is primarily done for the purchase of modern drugs.

“As for the average price that we give for drugs for each patient, this amount is hard to be called.We have standards for every nosology, there are more than two hundred, each of them is responsible for a certain type of cancer, there are also various treatment regimens and other related factors , on the basis of which calculations are made to allocate funds for each patient, “he said.

Recall that Uzbekistan until 2021 intends to allocate 32.5 billion soums from the state budget and 144.1 million dollars due to loans and grants from international financial institutions for the development of the cancer care system.

This will reduce the death rate from oncological diseases from 38.7 to 35 per 100 thousand population, to cover the demand of the population in high-tech treatments up to 70%.

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